Rómulo Calvo calls President Luis Arce a

Pro Santa Cruz Citizens Committee President Rómulo Calvo called President Luis Arce a “despot” on Monday and warned that there is a possibility another citizens’ strike could be organized.

In an evaluation of the day of the protest, he said it had been “energetic” in the department and that it was a “call” to remind the president that neither himself nor the Movement for Socialism (MAS) are the “owners of Bolivia”. “

“Listen carefully to your people, Mr. (President) Luis Arce, and if you continue with your despotic actions, our sectors have announced that a new citizens’ strike is imminent,” warned the Santa Cruz citizen.

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He reiterated that the various protesting sectors will continue to pressurize “with love, in peace, with faith and unity” and assured that “they will win again”, as happened during the 2019 crisis with the resignation of Evo Morales .

The day of the civil strike had a greater force in the main axis of the country, mainly in the capital Santa Cruz. Calvo said the strike is “forceful” for citizenship, which opposes the Legitimization of Illegal Profits Law, treatment of which has been postponed while socialization takes place.

“President Luis Arce does not make the same mistakes as your boss Evo Morales. Today’s public demonstration is a call to remind you that you and your party are the owners of Bolivia,” he said.

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The government considered the citizens’ strike a “failure” because it was not persecuted across the country. The police confirmed that there were only sporadic blockades in the main cities of the trunk axis.

The demonstrations on Monday also called for the alleged political “persecution” against opposition politicians who had participated in the mobilizations during the 2019 crisis, among other things, to be stopped.


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