Rómulo Calvo:

The President of the Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee, Rómulo Calvo, described the participants in the so-called “Wiphalazo” as “ungrateful” and “crow” and affirmed that “a sheet does nothing, a sheet does not represent us”.

The citizen leader affirmed that by mobilizing social organizations they would try to “provoke” all regions of the country and enforce this national flag in the department of Santa Cruz as “disrespect”.

“A shawl doesn’t do anything, a shawl doesn’t represent us,” he added, saying that what it represents with other aspects such as: “Our strength, our work, our exertion, what we do every day, our perseverance, our belief in God and the strength to seek unity for Bolivia “.

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Calvo also called “ungrateful” those who came to Santa Cruz from other departments in search of better days and demanded not to be “sent” by the government by participating in mobilizations like the one on Tuesday.

“With this law (Against Legitimation of Illegal Profits) things will change with this rule and there will be no more grateful people, there will no longer be a people supporting all the things you are doing against the people of Santa Cruz .

Concentrations were developed across the country this Tuesday to justify the wiphala, which the government said was the target of “outrage” after it was removed from the mast during the September 24th anniversary celebrations in Santa Cruz.

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In Cochabamba, one of the centers of the event called “Wiphalazo”, President Luis Arce hit the call for a citizens’ strike on Monday, assuring that citizens would rather work than support opposition sectors.

He also warned the opposition to “respect the majority decision on the streets”, alluding to the victory of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) in the last parliamentary elections.


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