Roly Aguilera demands that Camacho prove that the Democrats have made a pact with the MAS

Former candidate for the office of Mayor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra for the Democrats, Roly Aguilera, demanded that the Governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, demonstrate an alleged pact his political front had with the Movement for Socialism ( MAS) closed.

Aguilera said the issue was “already of a good extent”, claiming he was bogged down and initiated several lawsuits against him by the MAS.

“I’m just telling him straight out, (Fernando Camacho) proving it; he’s been saying that for a while. You don’t have a single proof, I, yeah; I never agreed (I was) in court for” 12 years “, he said.

“Who is the political adviser to Luis Fernando (Camacho), Wálter Chávez; who was the political adviser to Evo Morales, Wálter Chávez; it’s good then draw your conclusions, it’s so simple, so simple,” he added .

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Aguilera’s testimony came amid the Camacho government-sponsored investigation into an alleged deviation of at least 700,000 baht in the management of former governor Rubén Costas, resources that would have been used in Aguilera’s campaign.

“To prove it, people don’t speak here because the air is free. We fought the MAS for 16 years, 12 years ago I was indicted, my assets were confiscated and rooted,” said Aguilera.

“I regret the pact we made at the time so that the MAS would not take over the government of Santa Cruz with this group. They are more closely linked to the MAS because there has never been a raid in the history of the prefecture and the government. ” he said. .

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According to the complaint, the funds would have been used to fund Aguilera’s campaign in the sub-national elections rather than the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Aguilera urged Camacho to devote himself to the work instead of doing a “media show” to cover up other irregularities involving him in the case of the “ghost” articles of the Santa Cruz de la Sierra Mayor’s Office.


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