Rodríguez confirms that a new coca store is breaking the law

The President of the Senate, Andrónico Rodríguez (MAS), expressed his rejection of a new coca market in La Paz because it violated the coca leaf law, as Arnold Alanes, chairman of a parliamentary group of the departmental association of Coca-Cola producers, communicated.

Alanes announced after a meeting at the Ministry of Rural Development and Land the creation of a new cocoa market, parallel to the one in the Adepcoca building in the Villa Fátima neighborhood of La Paz. The standard only recognizes this marketing center.

When Rodríguez asked about the creation of a new market, he replied: “It is against the Coca Act, it would have to be evaluated very in-depth and together with all manufacturers,” said the legislator.

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He urged Yungas coca products to shake hands regardless of political differences, saying that regardless of whether there are two or three groups, the producers are a whole; He asked them to stop fighting and avoid convulsions and conflicts.

He avoided further comment, asserting that these were internal affairs of coca producers, dealers and retailers.

That Monday, through a massive mobilization of producers, they managed to regain control of Adepcoca, which operates the cocoa market, which has been taken over by an Alanes-led faction affiliated with the government.


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