Roberto de la Cruz says that Rómulo Calvo has to apologize for his remarks against Wiphala and proposes that he resign

After the controversial words of the President of the Citizens Committee of Pro Santa Cruz, Rómulo Calvo, against the Wiphala, the former chairman of the Central Obrera Regional (COR) of El Alto Roberto de la Cruz reiterated that this authority would otherwise have to ask for forgiveness, he struck proposed that the citizens of Santa Cruz demand his resignation from office.

According to the ex-leader, the Santa Cruz citizen proved that he was the “number one racist in the country” as he outraged a national symbol recognized in the state’s political constitution, as well as the patujú flower.

“A rag does nothing, a rag does not represent us,” said Calvo on the day of the confirmation of the national symbol, organized across the country by social organizations linked to the Movement for Socialism (MAS).

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“In the face of this terrible position, as a terrible position, as a token of reparation, I ask you to apologize for choosing the national symbol like the Wiphala for treating a simple rag,” he said in an interview with Erbol .

The Santa Cruz Citizens’ Committee issued a statement assuring that its president’s statements were “decontextualized” and also ratified respect for national symbols.

De la Cruz pointed out that in order to avoid a “deepening” of racism in the country and in the event that he does not ask for forgiveness, the citizens of Santa Cruz are demanding that Calvo resign.

“In order not to deepen the racism, I propose that the people of Santa Cruz move to resign as president of the citizens’ committee, only then would another better-placed man, in my opinion, seek reconciliation in the country,” he urged.

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For the former leader, the Patria flag does not belong to any political party or the Socialism Movement (MAS), which, he said, is trying to “appropriate” whatever action he takes.

From the ruling party they criticized the statements of the citizens of Santa Cruz and assessed them as racism and discrimination.


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