Richter reiterates that the government does not interpret the GIEI report

President’s spokesman Jorge Richter said today that the Bolivian government “does not interpret” the report of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) but contains “suggestions and recommendations”.

In an interview with A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro, Richter pointed out that “the government does not interpret the document, but collects everything that comes as suggestions and recommendations.”

“The affected population has confidence, they must have it that the appropriate legal framework will be created for all those people who are responsible for these massacres and mass deaths, and the essential thing that we must pay attention to” is that Bolivians must be outraged, when a massacre happens in our country and in our society, with everything that the term massacre means (…) that does not have the legitimacy to sustain itself, creates events of this kind, ”he emphasized.

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Regarding the recommendations, Richter reiterated that the report has 26 points and that the fifth is “one of the most important”.

“It indicates that after all that has been investigated and presented with evidence, now conducting specific investigations, ensuring proper processes and transparency, are the responsibility of those who spawned the events of September-November 2019, and the To basically compensate and repair victims, ”he explained.

He also recognized that work should be done on “the institutional question”, in particular the question of the judiciary, which requires “deep restructuring to meet the requirements of this report”.


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