Richter explains Murillo and López in absentia in the case of tear gas

In a precautionary hearing this Friday, Judge Claudia Castro decided to declare former ministers Arturo Murillo and Luis Fernando López absent from the trial because of the irregularities in the procurement of tear gas during the transitional government.

Judge Castro, in contact with Erbol, stated that the notification had been complied with and that López’s lawyer had been present at the hearing, but it was also made clear that he was Murillo’s defense lawyer, for whom it was decided to proceed with the audience.

It indicated that the rebellion was decided at the request of various state, attorney general and state ministries, taking into account that the defendants were absent at the hearing and their absence had not been documented.

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The judge indicated that this ruling requires publications in the written media before the order provided for by the standard is issued.

Murillo is currently incarcerated in the US and is charged with laundering corruption funds in the purchase of tear gas. According to the Bolivian authorities, López is in Brazil.


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