Richter dismisses Áñez for allegedly illegal appointment at the EBA

The third anti-corruption judge of La Paz dismissed the appeal of the defense of former President Jeanine Añez, who requested to be tried in a trial following him for an allegedly illegal appointment in the management of Bolivian food and Drug Company. EBA) when she was a state representative.

The ex-president was denounced by the new management of the state-owned company in criminal proceedings for the alleged criminal offense of unconstitutional and unlawful decisions because Añez had issued a hierarchical decision in her administration, Karina Fabiola. presumably illegally appointing Leyva as manager of the EBA and thereby violating the procedures laid down in Law 466 of the public limited company.

Luis Guillen, the former president’s attorney, stated that the appointment was made when her client was head of state, so the case should be brought to a liability proceeding rather than a criminal case. He said he applied for an incompetence exception to seek that alternative, but the application was denied.

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“The third anti-corruption criminal judge found that there was insufficient evidence to enclose or evidence that former President Jeanine Añez Chávez was President of the Plurinational State,” said Guillen.

The attorney challenged the court ruling because he argued that Añez had failed to prove he was a state official. He also stressed that it was his client’s responsibility to make this appointment.

For the lawyer, by rejecting the exception resource, the judicial authority has confirmed that the case will be dealt with in a normal manner and not in a jurisdiction judgment, thus granting functions that do not suit him.

The attorney said that he had appealed this court decision.

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In May 2020, Leyva was appointed Executive Manager of the Bolivian Food and Derivatives Company (EBA), which resulted from the merger of the productive joint stock companies Empresa Boliviana de Almendra y Derivados – EBA, Lácteos de Bolivia – LACTEOSBOL and the Beekeeping-Public Production Company – PROMIEL.

It is a new trial prosecuted by Añez, who is being held in preventive detention in Miraflores Prison over the alleged “coup d’état”.


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