Áñez says she feels

Carolina Ribera, daughter of former President Jeanine ñez, once again condemned her mother’s conditions in Miraflores prison, saying the government was taking revenge for claims that her mother would be away from her family for Christmas.

“I denounce blackmail and threats to worsen their conditions of detention, I denounce abusive and unjustified renditions, I denounce brutal beatings against objects that are close to my mother, I denounce attacks and torture by the regime against my mother, the one is a political prisoner. They want to normalize that my mother’s situation is that of a prisoner and that it cannot be normal for innocent people to be imprisoned. And as revenge for all the complaints I made because my mother was the victim of attacks, I don’t know if I can see my mother on Christmas night, ”said Ribera in a brief contact with journalist Fernando del Rincon CNN.

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Ribera said he sent a message to visit his mother for Christmas but still had no response a few days before the holidays.

“It will be the first time my mother has kidnapped, imprisoned, abused and lost her freedom without a trial at Christmas,” he added.

Ribera also spoke about the letter to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet to intervene with the government for health and end the “torture” her mother denounced.

“All of this ordeal my mother is going through is the type of torture that is denounced in the human rights world. That is why I wrote to Ms. Bachelet because it is known as “white torture”, a professional form of torture that initially leaves no traces or physical scars, but whose effectiveness and cruelty lie in the extermination of the prisoner, ”he said.

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The young woman pointed out that “the government is only one, but it has become a six-headed monster. They use all their allies, the attorney general, the government ministry, the legislative assembly, the prosecutor against a woman, a defenseless mother ”.

The ex-president is serving more than nine months in preventive detention for the “Putsch I” case.

On March 13, Áñez was arrested in Trinidad and transferred to La Paz, where former MAS MP Lidia Patty is filing a lawsuit of sedition and terrorism.


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