Retired police officers protest against the law on transportation despite changes in the MPs

Cochabamba Passive Duty Police announced a march this Thursday to oppose the law on the general career and promotion of the Bolivian police, despite the government minister being excluded from regulations within the institution’s high command.

“After the pressure we have been exerting all week, it has already moved the heart of the government and they have changed this situation from Article 11. They realized that it was unconstitutional. We ask that no comma of our organic law is touched and will continue in an emergency. On Thursday we have a protest march, we ask the government not to undermine the dignity of the institution, ”said the representative of the passive sector, Guido Omonte.

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He noted that Article 11, which was amended in the Chamber of Deputies, is one of more than 20 that the sector respects in the bill.

For his part, lawyer for the coordinator for the defense of human rights, Ronald Unzueta, said that “what has drawn attention is how they have used a career strategy from generals and police promotions to try to manipulate the law”.

“We ask that this law in its entirety not be promulgated, that the organic law of the police will not be affected, there are already rules, regulations, conditions for this career of generals and promotions, there is no need to change this law.” he said.

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The Chamber of Deputies sent the Senate the draft law on career and promotion to general of the police, which amended the article admitting the government minister to the high command, a point observed by the members of the passive service, the wives of the Police, opposition and constitutionalists.

According to the new wording, the police high command will keep the same conformation that is currently in force: “The conformation of the police command in accordance with the legal provisions of the plurinational state of Bolivia,” says one of El Deber. cited official bulletin.


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