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After the consequences for the videos threatening the burning of Amparo Carvajal’s house, a representative of the Wila Lluch’us decided to break the silence. He denied that this organization was a “terrorist” and also denied the authorship of the video against the human rights activist.

“We are not terrorists, we are not hordes, we have not done anything bad, we are an organization that contributes to our plurinational state of Bolivia,” said the representative in an interview with ERBOL.

The leader, who preferred to keep his identity a secret, claimed that the Wila Lluch’us had been formed since 2019 due to the “massacres” in Senkata and Sacaba with the aim of defending the rights of the oppressed people and the plurinational state Bolivia.

In the 14 years of Evo Morales’ government, Bolivia had been on the right track. He branded Jeanine Áñez as the “coup president” who entered the government to loot.

He also denied that the organization had taken up arms, but reiterated that its main tool was ideology. He pointed out that they are already professionally and intellectually prepared in the provinces.

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“Wila Lluch’us does not use a weapon, the only weapon he has is intelligence, we have the ideology not to be discriminated against anymore, it is the only weapon we have. We are human and we have rights”, he said .

He rejected violence as a form of political action and defended democracy without confrontation. He also considered the screams of the “civil war” that took place in 2019 to be ridiculous, since, according to him, the people are not armed like the army and police.

He attributed the calls of the “civil war” to the anger at the time, because he assured them that people want to live well, be taken into account and not be killed.

The minister stated that there was no

Regarding the statements of the government minister Eduardo del Castillo, who claimed that the organization did not exist, the representative said that Wila Lluch’us does not exist as a terrorist.

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“This terrorist group Wila Lluch’us does not exist, we are young people who defend our state,” he said.

Regarding the criticisms that they associate with the MAS, the representative said that it is not necessary to belong to a party in order to defend the people.

The video about Carvajal

Regarding the broadcast video threatening to burn Amparo Carvajal’s house, the representative in the same line as the government minister claimed that it was an armed recording.

“It’s an edited video,” he emphasized.

He argued that his organization could not commit what you know is a crime. He stressed that this measure was wrong, but admitted that there was resentment because there was no justice for the events of 2003 and now for those of 2019.


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