Report shows that Marco Pumari was arrested without a warrant

The police report, signed by two soldiers about a direct action, revealed that former President of the Potosinist Citizens Committee (Comcipo) Marco Pumari had been arrested without an official arrest warrant.

“On December 9, 2021, at around 10:00 p.m., conduct preventive patrols in commercial areas near Murillo avenue at the corner of Constancio Vigil, Plan 40 area where Mr. Marco Pumari is located, with knowledge of” It issued an arrest warrant against him, the arrest went well, which made for superiority, “says the report.

The former ombudsman and former vice-presidential candidate of Creemos is found to be an electoral offense because of the alleged commission of the offenses of trespassing, aggravated robbery, deterioration of state assets and obstruction of the electoral process, because the count in the 2019 elections is canceled.

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Two days after Pumari’s arrest, Potosí Prosecutor Roxana Choque substantiated the fact and assured that a person could be arrested without providing any official notice.

In this regard, former Ombudsman Rafael Montoya’s lawyer assured that the injunction was issued after Pumari was transferred to the Betanzos municipality, a fact that violated his rights and has been shown to have been kidnapped.

“The police point out that they only knew, but that is wrong because the arrest warrant is issued after Mr. Pumari is arrested because he was arrested at 10 p.m. concern,” said Montoya.

Another part of the report also indicates that the police did not even know the former Führer and confirmed his identity when they checked his driver’s license information.

“He confirmed his identity with his driver’s license, respecting his rights and constitutional guarantees at all times, and was transferred to the Betanzos community, which made public prosecutor Odalys Zenzano known for his superiority,” the report said.

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Pending appeal

On the other hand, Montoya described that an appeal is pending to release Pumari. They are waiting for the judicial authority to set the time and date for the hearing that will undermine the procedural risks and alleged accountability.

At the same time, it stated that Yacira Cardozo, a member of the Potosí First Criminal Chamber, had apologized for resolving the appeal and requested a medical discharge.

Cardozo was advisor to the former President of the Chamber of Deputies, Víctor Borda, in 2019. Last August she was sworn in as a member of the Departmental Court of Potosí.


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