Report 100 families affected by strong winds in Beni

Wilson Ávila, director of the Beni Emergency Operations Committee, reported that hurricane winds in Trinidad affected at least 100 families and destroyed several homes.

According to the authority, three parts of the city were badly affected; Strong winds blew off roofs. The houses built of wood and corrugated iron were destroyed and the electricity was cut off.

“I estimate that there are more than 100 families. In a single neighborhood we transported about 30 families and in other neighborhoods 20 families and so on,” Ávila said.

The victims were taken to the Olympic Village and there some tents were set up and they were given food.

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El Recreo, Santa Inés and Maravilla are the hardest hit neighborhoods, where families lost their homes.

“We carried (helper) families all night, there are whole families who have become victims of this weather phenomenon,” lamented the director of the Emergency Operations Committee.

The civil protection carries out the official data collection in order to support families.


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