Renovadores and old thread of the MAS deepen the internal crisis

Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) renovators announced that they will call for the removal of the former authorities who worked with Evo Morales and who serve in Luis Arce’s tenure. They blamed them for the 2019 crisis. They announced that an evaluation of ministers, deputy ministers and other authorities would be carried out in Santa Cruz on January 15.

With January 22nd, Plurinational State Day approaching, and a possible change of ministers, internal struggles in the ruling party between those who want to return to their posts and those who want a renewal are intensifying.

“On January 22nd, some ministers and deputy ministers will be changed. We will even change some ambassadors. The resolution clearly states that former ministers, former deputy ministers, former directors of Evo Morales cannot take a position, ”said MP Rolando Cuellar (MAS).

Regarding the ownership of the former Vice Minister for Rural Development in the Morales Government and the former Governor of Oruro, Víctor Hugo Vásquez, as Executive Director General of the Decentralized Public Institution of Food Sovereignty (Ipdsa), under the Ministry of Rural Development and Land, said: “the renovation will not go backwards; he will move forward and we will raise this point and ask him to be removed from office”.

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“We want young skilled workers, the future generation, the new managers. Those who worn down Evo Morales’ government need to rest, retire. Evo Morales needs to understand that there are new leaders named Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca and new leaders emerge, everything has its loop and in MAS Evo should already be dedicated to the formation of new leaders, ”he said.


Deputy Héctor Arce (MAS) disqualified Cuellar’s statements, arguing that he was only looking for a leading role.

“(He) goes beyond his comments and that does not seem to me to be responsible as an authority and MAS fighter (…) There are two concepts: one, the old thread, and the other, the new generation, and this one who we were with Evo as the old thread, like the one who apparently led to the failure of MAS and the new generation is seen as the savior of the homeland, ”he said.

In this context, Cuellar asked: “What is the morale of Carlos Romero, Juan Ramón Quintana and the former Vice-Ministers, what is their morale (…) when they were the first traitors and cowards to escape like rats. They had to stay to face each other, to show loyalty to the grassroots. They have left the bases, they have gone to other countries, to embassies, and they have no blood on their faces to want to share the MAS ”.

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According to Arce of the Morales Line, he stated that the renewal bloc that MP Cuellar is proclaiming is the one to follow Vice President David Choquehuanca. They do a dirty job showing that there is division in the MAS.

Former authorities in office

Data suggests that more than fifteen former authorities who served in the Evo Morales government during his 14-year tenure have returned to public positions in the Luis Arce government.

Among them are those who have functions in the diplomatic service and are former Justice Minister Hector Arce Zaconeta, Defense Minister Jorge Ledezma, Health Minister Ramiro Tapia, Sacha Llorenti Government, Institutional Transparency Nardi Suxo and Foreign Minister Diego Pary.

In addition, there is the appointment of the former Attorney General Ramiro Guerrero as Vice Minister for Land and Eva Liz Morales as an officer in the Attorney General.


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