Relating to the open cocoa market of MAS;  the tension returns to La Paz.  return

Arnold Alanes, a Yungas coca farmer associated with the socialism movement, yesterday opened a coca market in the Urujara tranca area of ​​the city of La Paz, although it is illegal as coca law only recognizes two legal centers in the country: Sacaba in Cochabamba and Villa Fátima in La Paz.

The leaders of the Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca) that control the Villa Fátima market declared a state of emergency and warned that mobilizations would resume if the government authorizes the Urujara illegal center to operate. Senate President Andrónico Rodríguez warned last week that a new market violated the applicable regulations.

The Adepcoca leaders asked Alanes to clarify the economic origin with which he had bought the facilities in Urujara, as well as the title of ownership.

“If you have purchased on behalf of Adepcoca, we will thank you; but if it is in your name, it is your property, ”according to the ANF report.

The new illegal market parallel to that of the (Adepcoca) in Villa Fátima measures 400 square meters.

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Alanes’ followers lifted him onto their shoulders to enter the new merchandising center.

Article 23 of the general Coca Law states: “The Adepcoca market is recognized in the department of La Paz and the Sacaba market in the department of Cochabamba.” As a result, a third market is out of the norm.

“There is a resolution in place; Therefore, the legal marketing of the coca leaf is located in Villa Fátima. In this sense, I do not know what this Mr. Alanes attributed to the opening of a new store, ”said Radio Yungas Marcelo Apaza, member of the committee.

They warned against reactivating the mobilizations until authorities legalize and enforce the commercialization of coca in Villa Fátima. They denounced the Minister for Rural Development and Land, Remmy Rubén Gonzales, ignoring requests to meet.


The President of the Adepcoca Electoral Committee, Maycol Reyes, confirmed that the elections will take place on November 22nd at the Coripata Community Stadium. He announced that the various Regionals had to select their candidates by the 15th of the month.

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He stated that this democratic party will be built on the basis of the autonomous statutes and one of the conditions is that the candidates are fully aware of this rule. Likewise, applicants must provide evidence that they have 10 years of antiquity supported by their communities.

They ask that Arce not interfere

Tomasa Medina, whose name sounds strong to run for the presidency of the Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca) to replace Armin Lluta, sent a direct message to the state’s first president, Luis Arce.

In contact with Radio Compañera, Medina demanded that Arce not interfere in the internal affairs of private institutions and assured that “if he wants war, he will have war”.

“We ask President Luis Arce to rule Bolivia and not interfere in private institutions. (…) Keep your distance because we are ready to fight for our interests.


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