Regions resume vaccination with Sputnik;  announce the arrival of 3 lots

At least five departments resumed use of second doses of the Sputnik-V vaccine against Covid-19 yesterday amid civil unrest, queues and protests. Meanwhile, the Vice Department of Foreign Trade reported that the country will receive three batches of this second component by the end of October to complete the program.

Over the weekend, after days of waiting, a batch of 30,000 second doses of the Russian vaccine arrived, but it’s 293,000 to complete the batch of first vaccinations, 400,000 that arrived on May 15.

Amid ranks and civil unrest, Cochabamba began vaccinating with the 5,320 doses received, but only for those vaccinated with the first dose in April.

Santa Cruz approved vaccination for those vaccinated on May 25 and 26 with the 9,000 doses distributed by the Department of Health. Meanwhile, in May and the first week of June, La Paz received 9,000 cans for the stragglers.

Tarija and Chuquisaca will start giving the second dose to those vaccinated by May 21 and 22 this Wednesday.

More cans

Vice Minister of Foreign Trade Benjamin Blanco reported that the second cans of Sputnik V that have not yet arrived in Bolivia will be shipped in three batches, with the last shipment in the country at the end of October, Oxygen .bo reported

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In statements to La Razón Radio, Vice Minister Blanco admitted that there are still 293 thousand units of the Russian vaccine to apply the second dose to the population immunized with the batch that arrived in the country on May 15.

“To complete the batch of 400,000 (the first cans) that arrived on May 15, we have 293,000 left. Later they have to give us 100,000 second cans, but that’s only for the second half of September and finally a batch of 500,000 second cans for the second half of October, ”he said.


Minister of Health and Sports Jeyson Auza reported yesterday that in the first genetic sequencing studies by the National Institute of Health Laboratories (Inlasa), the presence of the variant of interest mu, better known as Colombian, is present in Pando and Potosí.

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Meanwhile, he stated that the Gamma or Brazilian variant was the dominant one in the third wave with 53 percent in six departments: Pando, Beni, Oruro, La Paz, Cochabamba and Potosí. The interesting Lamda variant, known as C-37 Andina, was present in Oruro and Potosí.

Health coordinates new strategies

Vice Minister of Health Insurance and Administration of the Unified Health System, Alejandra Hidalgo, reported that the Ministry of Health and Sports, with 58 health centers in the city of El Alto, La Paz, is implementing a new strategy aimed at strengthening the mass vaccination campaign against Covid-19.

“Now this strategy is being implemented, it is a proposal for the 58 health centers in the city of El Alto to get vaccinated, and we are working in coordination with the three institutions, the health sector, the municipality, the La Paz headquarters of the Seres de El Alto the Ministry of Health to reach a higher proportion of vaccinated people, ”he said at a press conference.


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