Regions draw up schedules for the second vaccination with Sputnik

Following the arrival of a batch of 30,000 second doses of Russian Sputnik-V vaccine over the weekend, the Ministry of Health (headquarters) that have depleted that vaccine are preparing a new schedule to resume vaccination of the population, which will take place between April and April April 90 days was completed. May and June.

Deputy Minister of Health Insurance Alejandra Hidalgo reported that the final batch will be distributed to headquarters, which will “keep a detailed record of the population that was vaccinated in the first week of May, so that this population is the one”. that gets the second dose ”.

He added that new batches are expected in the next few days and the vaccination regimen of the remaining population will be covered with the second component of the Russian vaccine.

Meanwhile, La Paz and Cochabamba headquarters yesterday presented the vaccination schedules for the population receiving the first dose between April, May and the first week of June, in addition to prioritizing older adults.

La Paz received 9,000 cans and Cochabamba 5,500, according to Deputy Foreign Trade Minister Benjamin Blanco. The Santa Cruz government has not reported the arrival of Sputnik.

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Bolivia started the mass immunization campaign for risk groups on January 29, 2021 and primarily one day after receiving the first batch of 20,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine, ending 400,000. 293,000 second cans are still outstanding. To date, 57 percent of the vaccinable population have received their first dose of the vaccine and 40 percent have completed their vaccination schedule.

“He is on the right track; However, with the arrival of the 3.3 million Sinopharm vaccines, the country will have a large number of doses available, ”Hidalgo said in an interview with BTV.

Sinopharm batch arrives

A batch of 3.3 million Sinopharm vaccines against the coronavirus has arrived at Jorge Wilstermann International Airport in the city of Cochabamba to strengthen the mass vaccination plan. According to government agencies, it is the “largest” so far.

These vaccines give the country a total of 12.3 million doses against Covid-19, which is enough to immunize 99 percent of the vaccinable population over the age of 18 with one dose or 86 percent with full vaccination, Blanco said. In addition, the signed contract will be concluded for the production of a total of 9 million Sinopharm vaccines.

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He called on subnational and local governments to promote strategies so that “vaccines reach the population” and so-called herd immunity can be achieved in less time.

Little influx of 18-year-olds

During Epidemiological Week 35, the de-escalation of infections from the coronavirus in the country was reported to continue, although the government observed that fewer people between the ages of 18 and 29 were visiting vaccination centers.

Health and Sports Minister Jeyson Auza pointed out that the decrease in infections this week is -21 percent, which doesn’t mean citizens need to lower their vigilance.

According to the details of the new epidemiological report, Santa Cruz reflected a -30 percent decrease in cases; Pando, -60 percent; Cochabamba, -34 percent; Chuquisaca, -30 percent; Tarija, -12 percent; La Paz, -6 percent and Potosí, -13 percent.


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