Regions analyze new restrictions on contagion

Amid the steady increase in Covid-19 cases in the country, regions are analyzing new restrictions to curb infections by excluding quarantines and stepping up vaccination.

The Santa Cruz Departmental Emergency Operations Committee (COED) launched its investigation five days after the explosion of cases primarily affecting that region. Strict quarantine was ruled out as a measure to contain contagion, but they decided to limit the turnaround times from Saturday, Jan.

The Lage Room met yesterday in Cochabamba and recommended that the Departmental Emergency Operations Committee, which meets this Tuesday at 2:00 p.m., reduce the turnaround times from Friday to Sunday from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

He also called for the capacity for leisure and sports activities to be reduced to 50 percent, for public and private parties and night activities in discos and outlets for alcoholic beverages to be banned.

Cercado Mayor’s Office suggested considering quarantine for at least seven days if cases continue to increase, but the government ruled out that possibility.

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In Sucre, the COED was postponed to 10:00 a.m. today due to a lack of quorum. Given the accelerated rise in infections, the region’s technical and scientific committee reiterated its “maximum concern” and issued recommendations.

They highlight the need to limit traffic times in the municipality of Sucre, maximize biosecurity measures in public and private facilities, improve conditions in educational institutions and maintain continuity of health workers, Correo del Sur reported.

According to this Scientific Committee, Sucre is already in the joint transmission phase of the coronavirus pandemic, in which the spread of the virus is already “uncontrollable”.

Meanwhile, the Sucre Mayor’s Office decided to step up the disinfection of the streets, crowded squares, and public and private environments in addition to raking. However, he ruled out entering an encapsulation of the city or high-risk areas.

A COED meeting has not yet been called in La Paz Department, but the mayor’s office plans to vaccinate more people with door-to-door cross-vaccination for a month.

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The departments of Potosí and Pando are waiting for new epidemiological reports to take decisions.

In Beni, Finance Minister Paul Pinto reported that the executive branch had decided to unbureaucratize the management of economic resources in the health sector in order to step up the fight against the virus. Now the third-level hospitals Germán Busch and the Infant Mother will decide how to invest their resources according to their needs.

Cases increase 77% in seven days

The Ministry of Health reported yesterday that the Covid-19 cases between the 52nd

“Bolivia has the lowest death rate in the entire pandemic. We inherited a 6.2 percent health crisis. As of this writing, we have a death rate of 0.6 percent, which means we’ve had a decrease more than ten times. In week 1 we have 60,801 reported infections, ”said Health Minister Jeyson Auza.

Santa Cruz was hardest hit with 36,129 new infections. It is followed by Cochabamba (6,492) and Tarija (4,573).


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