Recruiting acts for political prisoners and victims of Sacaba and Senkata

The Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (Apdhb), represented by Amparo Carvajal, and the daughter of former President Jeanine Áñez, Carolina Ribera, yesterday joined the vigil called for by the Committee in Defense of Democracy (Conade) for political freedom prisoners . Meanwhile, the relatives of the Sacaba and Senkata victims announced a march in La Paz and Cochabamba for today to demand justice for the events of 2019.

A week ago, Carvajal led a march in La Paz calling on former President Áñez and those “politically persecuted”, including the military, police and members of the Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC), to defend themselves freely. And three days ago, the Cochabamba Konade installed a vigil outside the doors of the Temple of San Francisco, near Plaza 14 de Septiembre.

“The former president has the right to defend herself freely and to be tried before honest judges and prosecutors. This is a haunting vigil. We want the freedom of the military and the youth,” said Lizeth Beramendi, Conade representative. Ribera reiterated his desire for freedom for his mother, who is in poor health. “The government will not silence me, my mother is the most important thing for me. He is very depressed, he has panic attacks because he has been all these months.” Harassment, threats from the prison regime and the government. The last thing they did was threaten me that they would open a lawsuit for me and that broke it completely, “he said.

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He also claimed: “My mother never fled the country, she always stayed. She has always declared that she will face the judiciary, all the proceedings that are brought before her, but a local reformed judiciary, a judiciary that is impartial, a due process. He will face justice, he will not flee ”.

Peaceful march

Meanwhile, the relatives of the Sacaba and Senkata victims announced a march today to demand justice and against the release of Áñez and the prisoners.

“No confrontation; just a peaceful march to demand justice, that our judicial officers do their job right, ”said Ismael Marquina, representative of the Sacaba victims.


The relatives of the victims of Sacaba and Senkata observed the mobilization for the freedom of Áñez and the “political prisoners” under the leadership of Carvajal, whom they do not know as a representative of the Apdhb.

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“Ms. Carvajal, you supposedly represent Bolivia, but don’t be biased. There were human lives, injuries and imprisonment. Where were you? said Marquina.

Carvajal said that “she would be delighted” to meet the Huayllani victims, as she did in Senkata. “There are many of those who have died even if I am not wearing the shirt. I was in Senkata, I didn’t take anything with me, but I know Sacaba, I knew what was going on there, ”he said.

MAS victim association

Victims and relatives of those arrested and deceased as well as representatives of human rights defenders formed the association of victims of persecution and political prisoners of the MAS government, whose demands are not addressed by the current government.

“We are victims who came together, we are those of the Montero case with two murdered in 2019 and where there are no prisoners until now; There are victims of MAS fighters who burned their houses and property, there are those who were physically assaulted and there are relatives of political prisoners, ”said Jean Carla Terrazas, president of the association.


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