Rains hit 15 communities in Santa Cruz, causing a red alert

There are already 15 communities in Santa Cruz that have been affected by rain and flooding, so the government decided to declare a red alert.

Rubén Suárez, the government’s civil security secretary, told Red Uno that several municipalities have declared a state of emergency and are preparing their disaster statements for the next few days.

“The red alert is due to the flooding of the rivers and their overflows, which have affected communities, agriculture and thus the economy, but the most important thing for us is to save lives,” said Suárez.

He pointed out that the rains killed four people in the department and that three people were saved.

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In view of the emergency, the government activated the Departmental Emergency Operations Committee (COED), which has already mobilized resources, personnel and aid for the affected areas.

Pailón, San Ramón, Colpa Belgium are among the hardest hit communities.


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