Rainfalls: more than 10,000 families affected;  they issue red alert

According to the latest report by the Vice Minister for Civil Protection, Juan Carlos Calvimontes, 70 communities and more than 10,000 families have been affected by the heavy rains and rivers overflowing in the country. 15 people have already died.

By the weekend, data were available from 55 communities and 8,148 affected families. However, the number has increased in the last few days and the Santa Cruz department is currently the hardest hit.

“The most affected communities are in Santa Cruz, for example in San Pedro, 80 percent of the population of the Hardeman community is practically under water. Pailón is another victim, almost 50 percent of the population are affected by the flooding of the rivers and are therefore gradually affected, ”he was quoted by the ANF as saying.


Calvimontes said that recently five people in the municipality of El Puente were helped with the help of the Super Puma helicopter.

The five people had been sailing aimlessly in a canoe with a motorcycle on it all day and when they flew across the square they found the crew to be in the midst of large lizards.

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Senamhi warnings

The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi) yesterday issued a red warning for the departments of Santa Cruz and Beni and an orange warning for the departments of La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Pando, Beni due to the rains and river overflows between this Wednesday and Friday , Chuquisaca, Potosí and Tarija due to river flooding.

For Santa Cruz, the Senamhi in the Rio Grande and secondary tributaries provides for increases with possible overflows in areas near the cities of Juntas, Lagunillas, Cabezas, Abapó, Pailón, Cuatro Cañadas, San Julián, Okinawa Uno, Cotoca and nearby cities.

For the department of Beni, progressive rises of the Maniqui River are planned with possible overflows in areas near the cities of Cocincho, San Borja and the surrounding municipalities. Also climbs in the Hondo River with progressive climbs and possible overflows in areas near the Yucumo-Rurrenabaque highway.

Meanwhile, in the department of Cochabamba, the Senamhi sees that the rains will cause flooding and possible flooding of the Ichilo, Ivirgarzama, Chimoré, Chapare, Ichado, Isiboro, Eterazama and Mizque rivers, an aspect that could affect nearby cities and highways .

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The Boopi, Tamampaya, Solacama, Unduavi, Taquesi, Zongo, Coroico, Yara, Tipuani, Mapiri, Alto Beni, Enatahua and Tequeje rivers are expected to rise in the La Paz department, mainly for the northern zone and Yungas.

In Potosí, the rains would flood the San Juan del Oro, Tupiza, and Sococha rivers in addition to their secondary tributaries that affected Villazón.

Floods from the Pilaya, Pilcomayo and San Juan del Oro rivers are expected in Tarija.

Health support with medical brigades

The Department of Health and Sports dispatched medical brigades to communities in Santa Cruz Department hit by the heavy rains that hit large parts of the country to care for families and deliver medicines to the forces of nature.

The head of the risk management department of the Ministry of Health, Lizeth Ganci, explained that the technical and logistical support of the doctors of the Rapid Response Team in the Haremann community is provided in order to provide medical care for the affected population. More than 90 patients have been treated with various pathologies and infections since Sunday.


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