Rainfalls cause landslides on the Potosí-Sucre and Yungas roads

The heavy rains recorded across much of the country have caused landslides on interdepartmental routes. Including on the Potosí-Sucre road and in the Yungas de La Paz between Caranavi and Santa Bárbara.

Potosí sucre

The Betanzos police detachment reported that Sunday that a landslide had been reported on the Potosí-Sucre motorway that made it impossible to pass through for several hours.

“Today, December 5th, at around midnight, a landslide was reported on the asphalt layer of the Potosí-Sucre motorway near the municipality of Retiro. Due to the bad weather, a large number of stones fell on the asphalt layer, ”said the police.

This fact prevented the passage of cars for a few hours and at the request of the driver a lane was cleared by the Bolivian Highway Administration (ABC).

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The police advised drivers to drive carefully in bad weather to avoid an accident.

La Paz – Los Yungas

The heavy rains caused landslides and mazamorra on the Caranavi-Santa Bárbara route. Some passengers risk their lives to cross the pass. According to the Bolivian Highway Administration (ABC), four other sectors are affected.

“To the general population and public and private transport companies; due to the intense rainfall on the route RVF 003 Santa Bárbara-Caranavi-Ququibey; in the Santa Bárbara sector progressive 100 + 000; in the Quenallata Progresiva sector 111 + 000; Inserted sector prog. 193 +000 and sector El Abra prog. 201 + 000, presents the fall of Mazamorra and landslides, ”says the ABC statement.

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The fall of Mazamorra affected the roads and obstructed the passage of vehicles. Even a truck was dragged through the mud.

The ABC advises motorists to drive safely.

Oruro – Jaime Mendoza

The ABC reported that after the collapse in the Llallagua – Ravelo section, an alternative route was made possible by micro-businesses. It is recommended that you travel with caution.


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