Quiroga sees silence as the European Union's

Former President Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga accused the European Union (EU) on Friday for believing that it is silent on complicity and cowardice when the fraud case is debated in Bolivia and the public prosecutor is determined to do so Investigation based on an expert report prepared in Spain.

“I will thank the European Union for what they have done, although I will deny that they are now hiding cowardly and complicit silence when they are attacked every day and are unaware of their work. Why is Spain closed? They even paid for the OAS audit. Will they say now that Salamanca is worth it? Look at the ridiculousness we fall into, ”Quiroga said.

After the 2019 elections, the European Union issued an election observation report that identified anomalies such as records with “an unusually high number of invalid votes, blank votes and a 100 percent turnout”; deviating results in relation to neighboring polling stations; Minutes without result or without the signatures of the election juries; illegible records; and photographs of the minutes instead of the originals ”.

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“We agree with the conclusions of the OAS, we agree with them, but the most important thing is to look ahead, to organize elections,” said Jörg Shreiber, EU delegate when the report was presented in 2019.

The European Union was also involved in the dialogues in November 2019, which dealt with the political situation following the resignation of Evo Morales and recognized Jeanine Añez as an interim command in Bolivia.

“Tuto” Quiroga pointed out that even Spain funded the OAS audit, invalidating the calculation for 2019, “he added.

As for the OAS, Quiroga said he expected the agency to respond to the prosecutor’s report with a lengthy document that refuted it point by point.

Analyze the report

Regarding the expert report by a Spanish computer investigation group denying the manipulation of data in the 2019 elections, former President Quiroga pointed out the differences from the OAS study.

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He mentioned that the Spanish report was made by three people remotely a year and a half later, but the OAS conducted a study with 36 people on site for 10 days. In addition, the agency’s audit has the confirmation of an agreement signed by the state, while the Spanish expert opinion was unilaterally hired by the prosecutor.

Another difference Quiroga indicated is that the Spanish expertise is computer science only, while the OAS also included other aspects such as the chain of custody, the integrity of the logs to analyze whether they have been altered, and even handwriting assessments, among others .

He argued that the Spanish report was also wrong in pointing out that the TREP and the official census were kept separate when in fact they were mixed. “Check out the OAS report, if I remember correctly, about 1,500 minutes of the TREP was used to feed the database of the computation,” he added.


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