Quiborax case table: MAS tries to hide its crimes with a trial against me

Former president and head of the Civic Community (CC), Carlos Mesa, referred to the Quiborax case and pointed out that the MAS tried to hide crimes with a trial against them.

“Quiborax, the greatest disgrace of masismo who tries to hide his crimes with a liability suit against me,” Mesa published on his Twitter account, in addition, he published a 5-minute video in which he talks about the case.

“Make no mistake, they will prosecute me for nationalizing the Uyuni Salt Flats and driving an illegal pirate company out of Bolivia,” Mesa said in the video.

The former president reported that during his tenure he nationalized the salt desert, “whereby the so-called Fiskalland, ie state domain, was extended to the entire salt crust of Uyuni”.

He added that after we verified the arbitrary concessions made to companies before my administration to arbitrarily exploit the salar, that the company Non Metal Quiborax had obtained an illegal concession without following the 2001 rules .

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“The government that succeeded me confirmed that the cancellation that the Mining Authority made in October 2004 during my administration was correct and created status, confirming our right decision,” he said.

Mesa added that he had forged the company’s articles of association for the company Non Metalic Quiborax in order to force Bolivia into an international process.

“The author of the forgery admitted he had made this forgery and the Bolivian government, and now I mean the government of Evo Morales, whose attorney general the current ambassador of the OAS, Héctor Arce, knew and knew perfectly well that this forgery had taken place and that he did not make the claim he was required to make under the rules of this international arbitration, ”Mesa said.

“The end of the story is Bolivia agrees to pay $ 42 million to these ‘pirates’ through an agreement with former lawyer Héctor Arce, then lawyer Pablo Menacho and Mining Minister César Navarro. But even more scandalous, in order to be able to carry out this payment, Bolivia had to decide to refrain from accusing these fake pirates and to refrain from Bolivia, ”said the former president.

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Mesa said he had ratified his rejection of the amnesty and said it was a rejection of testimonies.

“And why did (the amnesty) Morales do that? To protect and guarantee the impunity of Héctor Arce, Pablo Menacho, César Navarro, ”he said.

Justice Minister Iván Lima justified the proceedings against the former president by stating that the amnesty decided in 2018 had a deadline and that the chairman of the Civic Community (CC) had not been accepted in the expected time.


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