You reject a new extension of the pedagogical calm, but analyze a staggered restart

Abel Loma, the lawyer for the Deputy Minister for Higher Education, Aurea Balderrama, reported Tuesday that Education Minister Adrián Quelca appeared “surprised” at the La Paz State Ministry, but had accepted the right to silence in the event of failure to perform duties and improper influence Trade in exams in the process of institutionalizing the education system.

“Yes, today the presence of Mr. Adrián Quelca, Minister of Education with his lawyer, to make his informative statement in relation to the Ministry of Public Affairs of the Department of La Paz,” Loma said in a contact with Compañera Radio.

He added that at the time of his informative statement, Quelca had exercised his right to remain silent and that he had not rejected any of the allegations made by the Deputy Minister for Higher Education.

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“In this respect, the testimony of this defendant was received and he would have exercised his right to remain silent, which confirms all the allegations made by the deputy university minister, Aurea Balderrama, because Mr. Quelca did not deny this. Every part of his testimony contained allegations,” said the lawyer.

He announced that he would file a formal lawsuit against Quelca and Agustín Tarifa, the former director of technical education, as well as against others in the case within the Ministry of Education.

“We are making a formal complaint against Mr. Agustín Tarifa and Mr. Adrián Quelca and others about this shameful event that happened at the Ministry of Education,” said Loma.

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The heads of education and fees were denounced by Vice-University Minister Balderrama because of the criminal offenses of breach of duty and the improper influence in the examination traffic for the institutionalization of management positions in the plurinational education system.


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