“Just tell the people of Potosi and the Bolivians, we must never bow our heads.” That was the message of the excited Marco Pumari from Betanzos, where he was taken after his arrest in Potosí.

Pumari spoke in an interview with journalist Jorge Peñaranda around noon this Friday while he was being relocated by police to surroundings of the olive green company in Betanzos.

The ex-citizen was arrested on Thursday evening in Potosí, charged with the burning of the departmental electoral court after the 2019 elections. The prosecutor announced that his preventive detention was requested.

Police in Betanzos reported that Pumari was being taken to the city early in the morning.

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Pumari was one of the leaders in the 2019 mobilizations that led to Evo Morales’ resignation. Then he was runner-up for Creemos and a candidate for governorship.

Pumari exercised his right to remain silent in his statement while his lawyer was absent; Meanwhile, Attorney General Edwin Quispe announced that he would apply for preventive detention over the burning of the TED facilities in Potosí in 2019.

“Since I know my constitutional rights, I will not give my testimony (until I) in the presence of my defense attorney, the testimony of the defendant,” who agreed with Los Tiempos.


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