Public Works Department consolidates three cases against former Entel officials

The Ministry of Public Works consolidated three cases against former officials of the National Telecommunications Company (Entel). According to the report by Minister Edgar Montaño, the proceedings involve costly expenses, the telecom ghost company and the payment of illegal settlements for 2.5 million bolivianos and 390 thousand dollars.

“There are three cases that are being carried out: costly spending, telecom chair company, and paying illegal settlements. As for the lavish expenses, the audit we commissioned at the beginning of our management has already yielded results and these expenses amount to B 1,758,000, ”said the minister.

When it comes to costly expenses, it aims to pay for temporary luxury housing to inland personnel, use corporate credit cards, travel and deliver unaccountable daily allowances, and provide unaccountable sponsorships.

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Montaño also confirmed that 796 thousand Bolivians were delivered for cell phone purchases. The main defendants include Elio Montes, Marcelo Stelzer Dorado and Marcelo Sebastián Dabdoub Peña.

Regarding the illegal settlements, the minister said that 14 former officials were returned because they were unable to collect these sums. Montaño said 816 thousand Bolivians were rescued.

Regarding the telecommunications company, he pointed out that Eddy Luis Franco’s two former secretaries testified to the La Paz prosecutor’s office, assuring that there was no fax to seal official documents with the former manager’s signature.

According to the minister’s statement, four people are involved in this case: Eddy Luis Franco, Carola Valencia, both in preventive detention and now the secretaries have arrived: Ana María Barahona and Michelle Fernández.

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