Public prosecutors put a traffic incident under the governor of La Paz

The prosecution issued an indictment against the governor of La Paz, Santos Quispe, for a traffic offense committed by a company car. She also calls for precautionary measures against the authority.

“I take the liberty of filing a formal complaint using the following factual and legal arguments,” says the public prosecutor’s petition Ingrid Feraudi.

The complainant party’s attorney, Julián Chura, indicated that the departmental authority was filing for prison but that the prosecutor had asked for alternative measures.

“The state ministry has already filed a formal complaint with the crime of breach of duty and misuse of property,” said the lawyer, quoted by the state authority ABI.

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He argued that the State Department had determined that the governor was “likely” to have manned the official vehicle that hit a private vehicle.

“The public element presented to prosecutors has shown that responsibility against Santos Quispe is likely to be established, so we expect precautionary measures,” he said.

Quispe stated on several occasions that there was no need to investigate and denied his guilt.

In June, a MP denounced that a government vehicle was the protagonist of a traffic event.


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