Public prosecutors allow Calvo to be sued for riot and conspiracy

The Santa Cruz Department Public Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday approved charges against the President of the Rómulo Calvo Citizens’ Committee for crimes of sedition and conspiracy.

“This is a complaint that was filed the previous week, it is already under the control of the judiciary, with a prosecutor in charge of the case, who specializes in hearing this type of crime (…). The person in charge of this investigation will determine the appropriate procedures and measures to be able to summon the persons identified, ”said the department’s prosecutor, Roger Mariaca, Gigavisión in good time to declare the admission of the complaint.

The judicial officer reported that the complaint against the President of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee was for riot and conspiracy against the government because his institution called for an indefinite strike against Law 1386.

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The Santa Cruz Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation into Calvo, who spoke of the “overthrow” of the government in his speech on November 10 and, according to the ABI, even spoke of a “final round”.

Cívicos de Santa Cruz and Potosí, along with various sectors, organized pressures against Law 1386 on a strategy against illicit profits, which was repealed yesterday after nine days of mobilization.

On Monday, the Federation of the Intercultural Communities of Bolivia (Csciob) sent a letter to President Luis Arce, in which he gave the government 48 hours to detain Calvo because, according to the institution, he had committed sedition and citizens of their right to work.

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On the same day, the MP for the Movement for Socialism (MAS) Estefanía Morales filed a complaint against the President of the Santa Cruz Committee for allegedly committing crimes of sedition, public incitement to a crime, attack on freedom of work and rights of the Claim the city.


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