Public prosecutor requests preventive detention for Sosa in the case of phantom objects

The Santa Cruz prosecutor announced that it would indict former mayor Angélica Sosa and apply for her preventive detention in Palmasola prison in the case of “ghost objects”.

The information was provided by the Prosecutor of the Department Roger Mariaca, who pointed out that the preventive detention of the former Mayor’s Personnel Manager, Javier Cedeño, is also being requested.

“The State Ministry will go to the hearing of the precautionary measures, firstly to secure the evidence against those already arrested and accused today, secondly, the risk of escape and thirdly, the risk of obstruction of the extraordinary preventive detention measure in Palmasola,” said the prosecutor.

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Like Cedeño, Sosa was arrested on Tuesday, December 21, as part of an investigation into legitimizing illegal income and other crimes.

The former mayor was arrested in a hospital where she was supposed to accompany her father, who is recovering from his health. At the time of her arrest, Sosa was suffering from decompensation and treatment at the medical center, but was taken to the prosecutor’s office on Tuesday night to testify.

The public prosecutor Mariaca avoided giving details of the evidence against the former mayor. He argued that the case was subject to change and did not intend to interfere with the said investigation.

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He pointed out that Sosa is currently in police custody so that entity must keep him safe.

He reported that the precautionary hearing of Cedeño was scheduled for this Wednesday afternoon, while in the case of Sosa a judge’s decision was awaited to set the date and time.


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