Protests and criticism from Evo's arrival in Lima

Former President Evo Morales arrived in Lima, Peru on Tuesday amid protests from social sectors and politicians who oppose his presence in the country.

The national head of the MAS came to the neighboring country at the invitation of the National Association of Educational Workers of Peru (Fenateperú) and other social sectors associated with the Peruvian President Pedro Castillo to take part in “meetings with social organizations”.

Former APRA Congressman Jorge del Castillo tweeted: “Evo Morales from Peru! He comes to our country to advertise: Constituent Assembly to restrict freedoms and approve re-elections; Nationalization of businesses to nationalize the economy; Expulsion of the DEA in favor of drug trafficking ”.

The politician and ex-regidor Jorge Villena published a photo of a protest in front of the hotel where Morales lives. “On the doors of the Westin Hotel, patriotic Peruvians reject Evo Morales’ presence in Peru,” he tweeted.

The hastag #FueraEvoDelPeru emerged on Twitter and became a local trend.

It was denounced in social networks that Morales enjoys special police protection ordered by President Castillo and that the costs of his visit are covered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Former Congressman Mario Mantilla told El Expreso newspaper that there was no legal provision authorizing him to provide this type of security at the risk of falling into the crime of misappropriating use.

“Who placed the order? Or is he coming to advise the government and stay at the luxurious Westin, one of the most expensive hotels in the capital? Who pays for this luxury? ”It says in the publication.


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