Prosecutors will summon Pumari for the alleged

Prosecutor Omar Mejillones confirmed Wednesday that they will summon former President of the Potosinist Citizens Committee (Comcipo), Marco Antonio Pumari, to testify in the case of the alleged “coup d’état” of 2019.

“There is still a list of people who have to testify, which is already in the preparatory phase of this investigation and which is obviously Mr Pumari,” said Mejillones.

According to the public prosecutor, the public prosecutor’s office is working according to plan; However, he made it clear that in due course the Potosino will be invited to make its statement on the events of November 2019.

“However, they will be informed in due time when this person will be summoned,” he said.

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In 2019, Pumari and Camacho were the protagonists of civil protests denouncing electoral fraud by Evo Morales, who eventually resigned from the presidency.


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