Prosecutors will summon Doria Medina and Justiniano for the alleged

Prosecutor Omar Mejillones reported this Thursday that a commission of prosecutors will meet this afternoon to draw up a list of people to be summoned to testify, including Samuel Dorian Medina and Jerjes Justiniano in the case of alleged “coup.” “from 2019.

“In the afternoon I will meet with the commission in order to be able to carry out the procedure, and in the following week I will also have a list of some names of people who will testify (…). Mr. (Carlos) Alarcón, Mr. Jerjes Justiniano, there is Mr. Roberto Moscoso, later also Dorian Medina and other people who are in the report of the Bishops’ Conference ”, Mejillones reported to the media.

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According to Mejillones, this afternoon the commission will first convene all those who have attended the sessions proposed by the Bolivian Bishops’ Conference and held at the Bolivian Catholic University in November 2019.

The public prosecutor’s office draws up a schedule with the people who are to testify as “witnesses”. The authorities did not rule out calling everyone present.

Former Economy Minister Óscar Ortiz appeared before the State Ministry this Thursday to testify and, as a witness in the coup, answered 50 inquiries from the public prosecutor’s office. He said the first meeting he attended at the Catholic University was on November 12th.

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“I have answered all the questions they have asked me that were in my immediate knowledge,” the former minister told the media as he left the attorney general’s office in La Paz.

Ortiz accepted to attend the November 12, 2019 meeting; However, he stated that he had been summoned to the Bolivian Bishops’ Conference that morning at the request of former MAS MPs Adriana Salvatierra and Susana Rivero.


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