Prosecutors uphold ruling that exempts former TSE officials from guilty of electoral fraud

Prosecutors decided to ratify the dismissal order, releasing former Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) officials and other former officials from guilty of “electoral fraud” with reference to the canceled 2019 general election, they decided to close the process.

“Ratify the Final Request for Dismissal No. 06/2021 of July 27, 2021, issued by Prosecutors Leticia Muñoz, Rocío Feraudi, Eddy Flores and Manuel Saavedra”, reads part of the resolution of October 11, 2021 the prosecutors of the fraud case have in July of this year, after learning of a computer science report commissioned by a group of Spanish investigators.

In August the plenary hall of the TSE challenged the dismissal decision with the argument that “it does not contain adequate reasons, an aspect that does not comply with the provisions of Section 73 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Section 5 (3, 4, 7 and 8) of the Organic Law of the public ministry or Law 260 ”.

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The challenge was signed by the president of the electoral body Óscar Hassenteufel. The ex-members María Eugenia Choque, Antonio Costas, Edgar Gonzales, Lucy Cruz, Idelfonso Mamani and others benefit from this decision.

The Exvocales were accused of electoral crimes such as document forgery, use of forged documents, computer manipulation, alteration and obfuscation of results shortly after former President Evo Morales resigned amid a political and social crisis in November 2019.


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