Prosecutors say the 2019 protocol review will be in El Alto and with open participation

Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez reported this Tuesday that the method of reviewing the minutes of the October 2019 canceled elections to prove that there is no fraudulent election, will be an open participation and will be carried out in the city of The Great.

Chavez said that according to the auditor’s report, the attorney general did not consider the 2019 elections because the Organization of American States (OAS) will not do so. The authority has not yet determined who and with what means and technologies the verification will be carried out every minute or who will validate the result obtained.

“I estimate that in a few days we will have the working methodology for counting minute by minute, and we also know that the 2019 election minutes have all been digitized, digitization will allow the minutes to be downloaded, but we will too go to the people that if someone who goes with his copy of the minutes has any doubts, there are table presidents, there are people who have taken pictures, there is no way to change the will of the people, and there is no way to hide what happened then, “he told reporters.

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He added that the methodology will include the open participation of institutions, civil society, the press “and anyone who wishes to participate, and of course we will recognize this great activity that we will be doing in the city of El Alto. “

Opposition politicians and renowned lawyers questioned the prosecutor’s approach, saying it was against the law as he had no authority to review electoral procedures. They point out that in Bolivia the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) is the highest authority in electoral matters and its decisions establish status, ie are irrevocable.

Chavez said the Attorney General’s office is going through a process of truth and transparency because democracy “is a value that must be defended (…) and one of the most important interests of the state is to preserve its democracy and not” stay as it Country suspected of being fraudulent, “he said.

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The prosecutor said to those who describe the examination of the protocol as timeless and illegal, it was about “people who do not want to know the truth, people who hide and lie”.

“We will see the minutes, they are there, we will compare the digitized act with the election result, we have to make this comparison, it is very simple, this exercise will remove all doubts.” he noticed.

He said that with this proceeding, reports like those of the OAS and others “will fall before the material and physical truth that we will carry out, and we will see in the end who was right about whether the coup happened”. or not and that historical responsibilities are assumed, policies and laws related to these events. “

The OAS’s audit report on the 2019 parliamentary elections concluded that there had been “malicious manipulation of data” and proposed new elections. Luis Arce’s government decided to ignore it.


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