Prosecutors ordered Albarracín's arrest and his defense asked why a DNA test was pending

The La Paz Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant for the former rector of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Waldo Albarracín, for the alleged crime of “abandoning a pregnant woman”. The defense challenged the injunction when proceedings to conduct a DNA test are pending.

The arrest warrant shows that on December 7th, Albarracín was ordered by edict to make his informative statement on the suspicion of a pregnant woman accused by Janeth Zuleica Alanoca Paredes.

However, due to the unjustified absence from the determination hearing, the public prosecutor issued the arrest warrant and ordered that the investigator and the relevant authorities arrest him.

The former agency’s son, Franco Albarracín, told the ANF that they had not been notified and that the warrant had not been found in the Public Ministry’s system either.

“The order was issued without prior notice of residence. In consultation with prosecutors, they allegedly left notifications in the rubble of the house that was set on fire in 2019 in Cota Cota, a place where apparently neither Waldo nor his family currently live. “It says in a statement by the lawyers of the former university authority.

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However, the Ministry of State knows the updated address of Waldo Albarracín, as the proceedings regarding the fire in his house are still pending and he is receiving notifications normally at his current address.

They found that prosecutors issued a warrant for arrest of a criminal case, “knowing that a paternity test is pending in the same case and will be carried out before a family judge. This trial was initiated by Waldo against a person who, without any evidence, claimed that Waldo would not recognize an alleged son. “

They state that the former rector initiated the proceedings before the family judge “because the applicant refused the paternity test more than ten times”.

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There have been reactions in the political field. Chamber of Deputies President Freddy Mamani said it was not a political persecution but a personal problem, so Albarracín had to respond to the judiciary.

In 2021, Alanoca denounced that Albarracín had made her pregnant and that her five-and-a-half-month-old baby, who was also in the intensive care unit of the maternity and children’s hospital, was exposed because of the girl’s risk situation, the mother decided to make the allegation public.

Last August, Judge Lily Tarquino ruled that Albarracín would have to pay 500 bolivianos as family support. However, Alanoca’s defense announced they would appeal because they did not consider the aid to be appropriate.


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