Prosecutors open up investigation into another soldier over deaths in Huayllani.  the end

Cochabamba Prosecutor Nuria Gonzales reported yesterday that the investigation into the Huayllani case had been expanded against another person who abstained. Former military chief Alfredo Cuéllar’s lawyer, Edwin Paredes, said he was a member of the Air Force.

“On the basis of the strictly objective elements that the Ministry has, there has been a final extension in which its declaration was also received today (yesterday), which abstained and the Ministry will certainly also adopt the resolutions, correspond over the next 24 hours, ”said Gonzales.

Prosecutors investigating Huayllani’s death in November 2019 expanded the lawsuit against former military chief Alfredo Cuéllar Mercado and former police commander Rodolfo Antonio Montero Torrico for genocide. Cuéllar, who was summoned two weeks ago to extend his informative statement, abstained from making a statement.

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“They are doing this type of expansion without any basis and that is dangerous to the subject of due process. Constitutional rights and guarantees are violated, ”observed Paredes.

“I urge the ministry to be objective and impartial and to investigate what is right to investigate,” he said.

Prosecutors said that after the investigation into the allegation is completed, the State Department will close a crime-type position on the case.

In this case, the relatives of the victims are in the city of La Paz demanding justice and punishment for those responsible and preventing the former president from being released.


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