Prosecutors give Parada an official blue stamp and announce a subpoena for Sosa and Percy to testify

Prosecutors have formalized the request to Interpol for a blue stamp to be issued against Antonio Parada, former head of the personnel department of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, in order to be informed of its procedure in the case of ghost objects abroad.

The State Ministry also announced that the investigation into former mayors Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa has been expanded and that they will be summoned to testify in the next few days.

The Director of Financial Management, Oversight and Evaluation of the Attorney General’s Office, Roberto Almendras, confirmed that the Attorney General had asked the International Criminal Police Organization (Intrpol) to activate the Blue Notice for Antonio Parada Vaca, the main investigative officer, on phantom articles.

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“Yesterday, the responsible public prosecutor’s office submitted to INTERPOL the relevant application for a Blue Notice from Mr. Antonio Parada so that, when he has left the country, he can be reported to the Bolivian authorities and thus obtained, his presence in the proceedings against he is being followed, ”said Almendras, quoted in a press release.

He assured that the State Ministry has made important progress on this case, although it is a complex case as it involves many people and there are enough documents to be thoroughly searched for responsible work under the principle perform the legality and objectivity that regulates the fiscal work.

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In the same context, it pointed out that the State Ministry had already expanded the investigation into the case of alleged ghost objects against the former local authorities Percy Fernández and Angélica Sosa, who were summoned to testify in the following days as investigated.

“First Ms. Sosa gave her testimony as a witness; Now, however, she is being summoned as an investigator, as well as the preventive notes of all her assets and immigration warnings in order to avoid leaving the country, “said Almendras.


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