Prosecutors exempt 24 culprits for police unit burning and excesses in 2019

La Paz Prosecutor William Alave decided to confirm the dismissal of 24 people and leave them guilt free as part of the police unit burning and other excesses recorded on November 11, 2019 in El Alto, during the demonstrations that broke out after Evo Morales resigned.

The document was revealed by El Alto human rights representative David Inca, who pointed out that the first dismissal order was issued last year and was recently ratified by the prosecutor after a police challenge.

The facts examined in this case date back to November 11, 2019, one day after Evo Morales resigned. Several police units in El Alto were burned down by demonstrators that day.

Inca claimed that mobilizations were carried out that day in response to the burning of the Whiphala flag carried out by police officers. Although he did not deny the burning of the olive-green units, he pointed out that the 24 people who were now released from guilt were then wrongly arrested and the allegations could not be proven.

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“They come from El Alto, they are union brothers, they are family neighbors, they are normal workers who have been unjustly imprisoned, tortured and unfairly persecuted. So the prosecution has not found intellectual authorship,” Inca said.

Following the events of November 11, 2019, these 24 people were charged with aggravated robbery, criminal association, criminal association, possession and carrying.

However, the dismissal decision indicates that “there is a lack of elements of conviction to objectively determine the defendant’s involvement in the events of the 11th of items for the police, the destruction of police facilities and the incineration of fixed assets.”

The El Alto human rights advocate stressed that these people had been wrongly detained, had no right to a defense and even had evidence “planted” in their backpacks.

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He pointed out that the main subject of investigation in this case was the burning of police units and incidents such as shoplifting, but reiterated that the authorship of the 24 defendants had not been established.

The activist denied that there was any political influence over the prosecution’s decision, arguing that in this case, the dismissal would have occurred the day after Luis Arce was owned and not a year later.

He made it clear that the police can still appeal this decision, but he hopes this does not happen. If there is a new challenge, the case goes to the Attorney General Juan Lanchipa.


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