Prosecutors are searching Saguapac's Santa Cruz offices on a ghost property case

Prosecutors on Thursday searched the offices of the Santa Cruz (Saguapac) Drinking Water and Sanitation Cooperative for allegedly hiding information about the ghost item case.

Members of the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Special Crime Unit (Felcc) and prosecutor Mirtha Mejía entered the cooperative’s offices and arrested the facility’s commercial director, Erwin Padilla Franco, who was charged with obstructing justice, Duty reported.

The public prosecutor accuses the director of interfering in the investigation by asking the protected witnesses to leave the institution.

Prosecutors also searched the home of a Saguapac officer involved in the conspiracy of the items.

The cooperative’s lawyer, Otto Ritter, questions the conduct of the prosecutor, which he describes as “abuse and disregard for the law”. In view of the allegation of obstruction of justice, Ritter asserts that “nobody told them not to testify”.

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For the lawyer, “the prosecutor’s office protects the bad guys and prosecutes the right people”. He claims the police “want to prosecute Saguapac because the bad guys aren’t working anymore.”

Guillermo Vaca Parada, one of the main defendants in the ghost article case, worked at the cooperative and is believed to have recruited several victims from there to manufacture the fake articles that caused millions of dollars in damage to the Santa Cruz community.


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