Prosecutors are investigating another complaint about ghost objects in Warnes

The State Department yesterday opened an investigation into another complaint about the alleged creation of at least 47 “ghost” items, this time at the Warnes Mayor’s Office, Santa Cruz Department.

Employees of the special unit for the fight against crime (Felcc) carried out the first investigations into the facilities of the municipality together with the prosecutor Marcela Terceros.

The complaint was made by current Mayor Carlos Montaño of Movement for Socialism (MAS) and former Mayor Vanesa Uriona from the same party is mainly investigated.

“We have established ourselves with the anti-corruption police and confiscated 31 files that will be made available to the IDIF experts and the prosecutor to see what further steps we will take,” said prosecutor Marcela Terceros.

Montaño recalled that the complaint was filed months ago and that these “irregularities” had been discovered in the municipality since the beginning of his administration.

“The judiciary will certainly determine the appropriate procedures because we cannot allow 47 civil servants to receive salaries of 5,000, 6,000 or 8,000 Bolivians; Hey, we do the dirt for ourselves and work very hard and the salary is almost never given as a professional, “he asked.

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The municipality estimates that the municipality of Warneño suffers economic damage of more than 3 million Bolivianos per year.

The Santa Cruz de la Sierra mayor’s office is investigating a case involving the creation of at least 800 phantom objects in which, in addition to the former mayors Angélica Sosa and Percy Fernández, several former municipal officials were also examined.

“It is a different case, here we are denounced by the Autonomous Municipality of Warnes, also because of a similar situation as in Santa Cruz; here there would be 47 phantom objects, “said the prosecutor Marcela Terceros in a statement broadcast by Bolivia TV.

He said that his presence in offices in Warnes Township was denounced by the authorities for alleged acts of corruption caused by the manufacture of phantom objects; However, he said the investigation was in the early stages and further information would be provided after 31 files were seized and analyzed.

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CNS: There are more prisoners for phantom contracts

The La Paz prosecutor reported that officials and former officials of the National Health Fund (CNS) are under investigation for alleged “ghost contracts” uncovered at the facility. In this case two have already been arrested.

The information was provided by Prosecutor Lupe Zabala, who said the case was due to a complaint from a person who wanted to collect the Hunger Bonus in 2020, but it turned out that she was already registered as an employee receiving remuneration received, and that it even showed up in pension funds.

The prosecutor pointed out that there were already two open cases on this subject in La Paz. “There are open cases, the total economic damage is not yet known, but it is known that there are around 80 contracts that could have been signed with the National Health Fund,” he said.


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