Prosecutors are going to summon Percy over ghost items next week

The former mayor of Santa Cruz, Percy Fernández, will be summoned next week to testify in the case of the ghost objects, said the legal secretary of the municipality Santa Cruz, Ever Mérida.

The official did not provide any information as to the capacity in which the former mayor is quoted, but assured that his call would be known within the next few hours.

“According to the procedural proposal we have put forward, the summons will be sent to all former secretaries and former directors. Mr Percy Fernández and others were also summoned, ”Mérida told the Unitel network.

The Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office is the plaintiff in the case. Angélica Sosa, former mayor and right-hand man of Fernández during his tenure, was detained for four months last Thursday morning as part of the investigation into the case.

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Former HR director Julio César Herbas and former adviser Javier Cedeño are also arrested.

Antonio and Guillermo Parada, the main defendants in this case, are in Brazil and have sought political refuge.

Merida denied allegations that the case was political, claiming that corruption must be fought wherever it comes from.

“We are dealing with a corruption network and as long as it exists we are not talking about political undertones. Any political deal can hold up (to the lawsuit) and that won’t change the nature of the investigation, ”he said.

The judiciary is investigating the alleged existence of 800 phantom objects in Santa Cruz commune during the administration of Sosa and Fernández.

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The former head of the personnel department of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, Javier Cedeño, claimed in his statement to the prosecutor that the former mayor Angélica Sosa and her husband had benefited from the phantom articles and that there was a pact between them

that the management and the councilors of the current mayor, Jhonny Fernández, distribute the positions.


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