Prosecutors accuse former prosecutor Boyán of setting up the Alexander case

Prosecutors this afternoon charged former prosecutor Susana Boyán with illegal decisions, excuses and abuse of influence. The former prosecutor is one of those who charged an innocent man with alleged rape and the death of baby Alexander.

The State Department brought charges against former prosecutor Edwin Blanco on June 24, who was also under investigation for the accumulation of the case.

The indictment was brought on the basis of the irregularities found.

The former prosecutor has been charged with unconstitutional and unlawful resolutions and failure to comply with the obligations provided for and sanctioned by Articles 153 and 154 of the Criminal Code.

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The prosecutor’s office called for the precautionary measures: appearing at the Ministry of Public Affairs every 15 days, prohibiting communication with the witnesses in the case, with the servers of the prosecutor’s office and the social management service, arraigo and a personal bond of solvent guarantors.

In 2014, Dr. Fernández charged as prime suspect in Alexander case; As a result of this investigation, the doctor was preemptively detained in San Pedro Prison for four years on charges of one of the most notorious crimes in Bolivia.

In 2015 he was charged and sentenced to 20 years in prison. In May of this year, prosecutors dropped charges against the doctor, who has become a symbol of mismanagement in the judiciary.

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