Prosecutor takes first step to prosecute Áñez

Yesterday, the Attorney General’s office brought the charges against former President Jeanine Áñez in the Supreme Court (TSJ) of genocide for the deaths of Sacaba and Senkata.

After examining the accusing proposal, the TSJ must forward it to the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP) for that authority to approve the ruling on the responsibilities against the ex-president.

To approve the responsibility judgment in the ALP, the Movement to Socialism (MAS) needs two thirds of the votes, an amount that is not enough for the ruling party.

Jaime Vidal, a member of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) who was interviewed on the crime of genocide when the report was presented in Sacaba last Thursday, said it was “a concept used in criminal courts and far from it is removed ”, our area of ​​responsibility. We are talking about the occurrence of serious human rights violations. Genocide has a purpose related to the intention of exterminating a social, racial or ethnic group, and although we do not observe this here in Bolivia, we have observed serious abuses such as the Sacaba and Senkata massacres ”.

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Patricia Tappatá, a member of the GIEI, assured that “we do not use the figure of genocide, a crime against humanity, because we understand that the conditions are not met in this case.”


“In recognition of the indictment, the history accumulated by the victims of the tragic events of the 15th, observing the deadlines set by law No. 044 of October 8, 2010, the Ministry of State today (yesterday) filed an indictment against the Supreme Court before the Supreme Court Citizen Jeanine Áñez filed for facts provisionally classified as genocide, serious and minor injuries, and injuries resulting in death, ”Lanchipa said.

The agency added that the indictment filed by the Ministry of Public Affairs with the Supreme Court in relation to the events in which 20 people were killed and several dozen injured is based on the elements of conviction, which are based on the principles of objectivity and transparency in The development of the stage of accumulation of antecedents provided for in Law No. 044, in line with the fact that this body “sends the ALP to the attention of the prosecution for the appropriate authorization” as soon as possible, according to a press release from this institution

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“The public ministry reaffirms its commitment to the country in the fight against impunity and for justice,” said the attorney general.

Further allegations against Áñez

The prosecution’s decision comes three days after the report by the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI), which classified the events in Sacaba and Senkata as a “massacre” when 20 people lost their lives in police-military operations during the administration of Áñez.

Prosecutor Juan Lanchipa confirmed that the tragic events of Sacaba and Senkata have been classified as genocide, serious and minor injuries, and injuries resulting in death.

In March, the public prosecutor’s office sent the TSJ four more indictments for liability proceedings against Áñez.


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