Prosecutor sends special commission to Santa Cruz in the case of alleged ghost objects

The federal prosecutor Juan Lanchipa Ponce has sent a “special commission”, consisting of a senior public prosecutor, the directorate for financial administration and the special public prosecutor for anti-corruption, to the city of Santa Cruz to monitor and assess the case of allegedly 800 ghost objects in the previous administration of the Autonomous City Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, reported the Secretary General of the Attorney General Edwin Quispe.

“With regard to this controversial issue of the 800 ghost objects, which sparked a series of comments and speculation in the Santa Cruz department, the Attorney General has initiated the formation of a special commission that can carry out an inspection and surveillance of the area. In this case, the commission consists of one Chief Prosecutor, the Director of Financial Management and the Director of the Special Prosecutor for Corruption Crime who are moving to Santa Cruz City to conduct the appropriate intelligence gathering and identify if there are any irregularities that are being reported, respond to a number of complaints, which were also made in the media, “Quispe said, according to a press release.

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The authority announced that based on the information that the Special Commission of the Public Prosecutor General’s Office is gathering these days, with justification and material evidence, it would be possible, if necessary, to identify those responsible or to carry out appropriate clarifications on the subject.

“In fact, there is a complaint for alleged execution of 800 objects, this is in the preparatory phase and precisely the special commission will examine and determine whether the parameters set out in the Code of Criminal Procedure, our specialist guides for law enforcement, have been complied with.” With regard to corruption crimes and in relation to these parameters and indicators, the appropriate responsibilities are established in relation to the staff of the Department of Santa Cruz Prosecutor and the promotion of the relevant guidelines for the investigation of the specific accused Santa Cruz Prosecutor in relation to the case, “stressed Quispe .

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With regard to the complainant, the Secretary General indicated that there was a system to protect victims, witnesses and members of the Public Ministry and that the Special Commission would determine whether there was a possible threat, activate the mechanisms and have a transparent investigation and targeting to ensure .

According to the story, the lawsuit was brought against Antonio Parada Vaca by citizen Valeria Rodríguez for the crimes of legitimizing illegal profits, wasteful behavior, state damaging contracts and neglect by a former Cruceña official. is the mayor’s office.


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