Prosecutor requests arrest of Parada in case of phantom objects

Prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for the former head of the personnel department of the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office, Antonio Parada, and his brother Guillermo Parada in the case of the 800 ghost objects in that parish.

Prosecutor Marcela Terceros reported on Monday that these orders had already been issued and also confirmed that the notification for former mayor Angélica Sosa is still ongoing.

“The police officers charged with this investigation are currently carrying out secret service work to determine the whereabouts of Mr. Antonio Parada Vaca. An arrest warrant has already been issued against this citizen,” the prosecutor told the media.

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“The architect Sosa has no denunciation, she is a witness for whom we have to coordinate with the responsible clerk so that she can give her meaningful statement whether she has already been notified, but I think we will have a meeting around noon, to get the report, “he explained.

The information came hours after Antonio Parada broke the silence to deny the allegations against him. He alleged that he met and blackmailed his ex-partner Valeria Rodríguez, the lead complainant, on October 29.

“To invent 800 articles, to invent that I made 800 articles (is) something completely wrong. This is where the subject of blackmail begins because they started to take precautions. (…) I met with Ms. Valeria and our lawyers and an agreement was reached (…) and to my surprise they sent me a draft document the next day stating “an agreement on withdrawal and arbitration”, which means that they are withdrawing from the wrong one would criminal case that initiated me. (…) At the end of the document they give me money of three million dollars. Is that blackmail or not? “Parada asked in an interview with Detrás de la Verdad.

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