Prosecutor: For genocide in Huayllani.  there are expansion elements

After the indictment of former military chief Alfredo Cuellar Mercado and former police commander Rodolfo Antonio Montero Torrico for genocide was expanded as part of the 2019 investigation into the Huayllani deaths, Cochabamba prosecutor Nuria Gonzáles said yesterday that the elements exist . In the meantime, the defendants have been summoned to testify.

“In developing the study, elements were identified that allow us to see that the confrontations in which the 10 direct victims (of Huayllani) lost their lives correspond to a particular sector of the population in which the repression is therefore the analysis” has the possibility completed an expansion due to genocide, ”he said.

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Cuéllar visited the Sacaba Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday but did not make a statement, “as we already have information that he has already disclosed in good time,” said his lawyer Edwin Paredes.

In November 2019, Cuéllar was in command of the Army’s Strategic Operations Command and was charged with alleged murder by the State Ministry. A year later, the precautionary judge of Sacaba ordered house arrest. At the moment, “several measures have been changed: today he has the right to work, he is without a police station and with better conditions,” said Paredes.

He added that “it is striking that this new crime has been expanded at this stage of the investigation,” based on a certificate from the Tropical Federation and a note “brought to the precautionary court by the public ministry”. “Its expansion is not properly justified, surely by this time you will know how to maintain it,” he noted.

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Montero was absent because he made his informative statement in La Paz.


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