Prosecutor cites Camacho, Tuto and Doria Medina for

Following the announcement on October 7th by the public prosecutor for the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, to declare a “coup d’état”, the parliamentary bank of Creemos and the governor of that department also condemned political harassment and harassment … of existence a plan to “carry out a coup against the Santa Cruz government”.

The political leaders Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga and Samuel Doria Medina as well as the father of the governor of Santa Cruz, José Luis Camacho, are also said to testify in the event of a “coup”. The first and the second announced that they would attend the hearing.

Former President Carlos Mesa called the State Department summons to Camacho in the case of the “coup” as “villains”.

Public Prosecutor’s Office

“The governor’s father, Mr. Tuto Quiroga, Samuel Doria Medina and his other staff will be summoned next week,” he told Attorney General Juan Lanchipa.

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Opponents, including Camacho’s father, are charged with the crimes of sedition, terrorism and others alleged to have committed in November 2019 when Evo Morales resigned and fled to Mexico amid citizen mobilizations after fraud in the October elections.

“All this work planned by the Disc Commission will be carried out in the following week,” Lanchipa announced in statements recorded by the Erbol network.

Quiroga stated that he had stood up to justice for 14 years and that he would continue to do so with the new trial.

Through a publication on social networks, he also reached out to ex-President Morales, whom he neither called a “coward” nor “fled” the country, as he did after his resignation from the presidency during the 2019 crisis.

Camacho meanwhile assured on his Twitter account that “they cannot intimidate us. I will continue to work with love for my people forever.

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Doria Medina pointed out that he would go to the prosecutor’s office to explain that there was no coup in the country and accused the government of caring about the past rather than the future.

“Apparently they will summon me to testify in connection with an investigation into a non-existent ‘coup’. I will participate; I’ve always done that. The government is wasting valuable energy on legal absurdities and the “Champa War” instead of dealing with the crisis and jobs. He cares about the past, not the future, ”said the chairman of Unidad Nacional.

The government guaranteed the safety of Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho this Friday if he was to testify at the seat of government on October 7 as part of the investigation into the so-called coup of 2019.


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