Promotions in the Bundeswehr will be suspended until January 2022

The attempts by the ruling Majority Movement towards Socialism (MAS) in the national Senate to set up a reserved session and to consider promotion to generals in the army were unsuccessful because they failed to achieve the two-thirds required. They attempted to organize this meeting under the pretext of the appointment of the Ambassador to the Holy See, in order to give continuity to promotion to higher ranks in the military units.

Senate Creemos Bank Chairman Centa Rek stated that the majority of the MAS tried at all costs to set up a reserved session to approve the promotion list sent by the executive branch.

He demanded respect and full interpretation of the constitutional judgment on promotions in the Bundeswehr.

It also demands that the “ratification” to be carried out by the Senate with regard to the promotion lists submitted by the Executive Committee be applied in full, as this does not mean that the signature and nothing else is placed on this list.

“Ratify means checking that it matches qualifications within the armed forces and that it has not been tampered with,” he said.

He also called for the 2019 list of promotions to be reviewed and respected to see if it matches what the ruling party intends to approve.

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“It is an extraordinary judgment for the year 2019 for those who have been harmed in their opportunity for advancement, in this sense we cannot go blind. It has to be the 2019 list of which the judgment was pronounced that needs to be ratified; no lists that have changed, ”noted Rek.

The day before, the MAS could not set up a reserved session twice because it did not receive two thirds of the votes. In the vote, 22 for yes and 13 for no were obtained. This requires 24 yes votes.

In this context, the opposition managed to postpone the examination of promotions to general in the armed forces until January 2022.

Civic Community Senator (CC) Rodrigo Paz Pereira pointed out that “a list had to be approved in connection with a constitutional decision of 2019, which is at the time of Evo Morales and which had an evaluation process in the armed forces”.

“After all, they tried to apply the second provision of the Senate’s Rules of Procedure, which overrides all articles of the Rules of Procedure, which is absurd because not even the President of the Senate can chair a session himself because his powers are being deprived of him.” By him, ”he said. .

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He added that dialogue is necessary as “the payroll that the MAS is trying to approve would not be the same as it was in 2019, in violation of the Armed Forces Organic Law”.

Senator Rek said in connection with this: “We ask for an interruption until January. What we are going to do is to set up a commission in the first few weeks of the next month to analyze the issue (of the promotions) and examine the possibility of easing the issue according to the political constitution of the state ”.

Draft resolutions

In the Senate session that the reserved session could not be called, the plenary session should deal with two resolutions on the promotion of the armed forces.

The first is Camaral Resolution Project 004 / 2021-2022, which ratifies the promotion of high ranks of military personnel in the armed forces based on organic needs under the 2021-2022 legislature.

The other Camaral resolution 005 / 2021-2022, issued by the State Security Commission, the Armed Forces and the Bolivian Police, states that “it ratifies the promotions of senior military personnel in the armed forces, 1989-1990 promotions and the exclusion of the Promotions from 1987 and 1988 corresponding to the legislative period 2021-2022 ”.


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