Pressure forces the government to give in with Adepcoca and anti-legitimation law

Pressure from trade unions and economic sectors, political groups and social organizations this week forced the government to step back on two measures it was trying to enforce: (Adepcoca) of La Paz and the passage of the Senate Legitimacy Law against Illegal Profits .

For the first, the government has been granting since the 21st. However, on Monday it withdrew dozens of police officers guarding the coca factory after hundreds of Yunguean producers forced it to flee.

The government’s minister, Eduardo del Castillo, appeared with the leader on September 21 and told the media that “we as a national government, regardless of the political line that Mr Alanes may take, defines support for this leadership, the organic one to have”. Leadership That Has Come Out of a Congregation ”.

After 14 days of violent police repression against coca farmers who defied government policy, the producers celebrated the recapture of their headquarters and prepared to elect their new leadership.

The government’s second setback occurred yesterday when the President of the Senate, Andrónico Rodríguez, announced that he would suspend the treatment of the law against the legitimation of illegal profits in order to discuss it with the social sectors in the nine departments of the country and received observations, criticism and suggestions.

However, the suspension of the treatment of the Law Against Legitimation of Illegal Profits, Terrorist Financing and Financing of Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction or Non-Conventional Weapons comes after various social, union, political, economic sectors and civic platforms rejected the project.

One of the observations about the above norm is that it violates the fundamental rights of the people and the political constitution of the state.

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The norm was approved in the House of Commons on September 17 in an uninterrupted 15-hour session during which the movement towards socialism weighed its majority and ignored the observations of the opposition.

The MAS senators announced, after the MPs gave their approval, that the law would be discussed last week for approval and sanctioning. But the pressure caused her to stop her treatment.

Senate “will not touch the law”

Senate officials announced yesterday that the House of Lords is open to comments from sectors on the Legitimation of Illegal Profits Act, for which they have announced a socialization plan. .

“Given the climate of vulnerability that has arisen, we are opening up the possibility of dialogue, conversation, reception and gathering of any demands, suggestions, doubts or questions that you may have about this law,” said Rodríguez.

Former President Carlos Mesa wrote on his Twitter account: “Following the complaints from @ComunidadCBo in the ALP, the popular mobilization has succeeded in stopping the devastating law against the illegal enrichment of the MAS, which aims to eradicate state terrorism and the persecution of all sectors of the economy of the country “.

Socialization plan

Senate President Andrónico Rodríguez indicated that any observations or doubts about sectors such as transportation, unions, small producers and business people could be received.

The President of the Constitutional Commission, Virginia Velasco, announced the schedule of visits to the department: Monday October 11th will be in Oruro, Tuesday 12th in Chuquisaca, Thursday 14th in Tarija, Friday 15th on 17th in La Paz , on the 18th in Beni, on the 19th in Pando and on the 21st in Potosí.

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He announced that the reasoned comments would be heard so that they could be answered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Unions in El Alto start protests

The El Alto trade union sector mobilized yesterday in central La Paz to demand the annulment of the bill against the legitimation of illegal profits.

The unions began mobilizing from the bridge of the brewery and paralyzed traffic on their way into the center of the city of La Paz. They started talking like Christ is coming, Arce is going! The Executive Secretary of El Alto District 6 Trade Union Confederation Toño Siñani Medina acknowledged that they have multiple enemies and anyone could denounce them with unfounded allegations of drug trafficking or other crimes and they are unwilling to take the risk of losing their hard-won fortune .

“The most important observation would be that everyone is being followed, it can be said that even a freight forwarder, a carrier and anyone who is Bolivian in nature is being followed.”

He argued that they fear being investigated over a simple complaint and do not trust the government, which claims the norm will not affect them as long as the union family is legitimately making their money. They are calling for the law to be repealed.

They believe that when the rule goes into effect, the government will require a bill and that this will be a way to investigate. “Why don’t you ask the coca farmers (from the tropics) for a bill? The unions are more like donkeys that run from one fair to another, ”he asked.


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